Personality Profiling

At Credo, we are obsessed with assisting our clients to develop teams that thrive in today’s challenging and fast-paced world. We’ve seen how effective people can be when working in harmony with their environment and each other, furthermore enhancing culture to positively drive engagement, productivity and accountability. Optimising your people will lead to a happier workplace, a stronger brand and ultimately, financial growth.


Insights discovery personality profiling helps you ti identify and manage personality types between employers and team members

Insights Discovery Personality Profiling

The Insights Personal Effectiveness Program provides an introduction into the Insights Discovery learning system and the Insights Discovery Personal Profile.

The approach is fun and interactive and offers participants a language and framework to allow them to understand themselves and others better, which they can put into practice immediately.

The Enneagram personality profiling toolmakes team integration and management up to scratch

Integrative Enneagram

Gaining insight into your team dynamics and work environment has never been more important than it is today. Developing a deeper understanding of yourself, your people and how they function will form the foundation on which your people strategies are built.

We guarantee that you will walk away refreshed and having learnt more about yourself and your team, which will influence how you perform.

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