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Our short yet powerful Keynote Talks are known to be highly effective, addressing specific topics that are proven to drive company growth. It’s time to challenge your team to think differently and awaken a need within them to learn and focus on how they can positively impact their working environment.

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Set Your Mission For 2022

It’s time to get your team clear on their personal mission statements for the new year and help them plan how to get the most out of it.

An action oriented game plan will set everyone on a path for success; help the team find a better connection between each of their personal missions and career goals, and give leaders the confidence to motivate the team to start 2022 strong. This keynote will supply you all with a real energy boost and get you excited about achieving in 2022, which is crucial for growth and team development long after your end of year function.

How to get my team to listen properly?

Listening Simplified: How to listen to actually add value

Team issues have one thing in common: bad communication and team members not listening well.

The fact that your team members don’t know how to listen well is costing your company its profit, engagement, and productivity. In this keynote talk, we will give you 3 easy steps to follow to listen well and actually add value to a conversation.

How to take your business from start up to profitable business.

From Pitlane to Podium

What if I told you that you could grow your people and profit simultaneously?

Your company may not reach its potential because your team is dysfunctional or experiencing inter-team friction caused by poor understanding and communication. Heléne explains exactly how to resolve this issue in this keynote talk.

Crippling Conflict

If your team is playing dysfunctional games that result in losing focus, reduced productivity, and drama, this one is for you.

It’s time to expose these games and show the employees in your company how to do it differently.

Motivation For Performance

As a leader, it is your responsibility to create an environment that motivates.  As an employee, it is your job to show up motivated. 

Your business is not reaching its potential because of how you and your leaders are trying to engage and motivate your teams. Learn to look at motivation differently and make a real difference for your team members, your business and its bottom line. 

Demystifying Trust

Trust takes repeated experiences over time to build, and just seconds to lose. As a leader, it’s up to you to build trust in the workplace and ensure your team feels understood, engaged and respected.

To reach for high performance, your team will need to respect their leader or manager, maintain a consistent level of productivity and engage on a daily basis. Learn to build teams based on strong connections and good communication. This all starts with trust, and trust starts with you.

Challenge team members to think out the box, face obstacles head-on with confidence and gain skills on how to positively impact their working environment.

What our clients have to say

Heléne is the founder of people development consultancy, Credo Growth. She is also an Advanced Coach, personality profiler, an expert in behavioural psychology, the holder of an honours degree in Industrial Psychology and a captivating keynote speaker.

With more than 15 years’ experience developing people and high-performing teams, she has worked with a range of businesses from start-ups to blue-chip companies across 5 continents. Her obsession with high performance has lead to her deep understanding of the impact of inter-team dynamics and how to get her client’s team members to work better together.

Heléne is also the Learning Chair of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisations’ accelerator programme in Cape Town, supporting start-ups to scale their businesses.

When she’s not working, Heléne enjoys quality time with her husband and twin girls, and she absolutely loves travelling and spending time in the ocean, diving for crayfish, scuba diving and trying to surf…

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