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We’re a fresh perspective. We’re enablers. We’re your key to optimisation. Our mission is to guide you and your team towards realising your true performance potential. What we offer you is our expertise, our energy and our passion. What you’ll get is up to you, but our clients will tell you to expect a more harmonious workplace, a stronger brand, more efficient processes and, ultimately, financial growth.

Helene is the founder of Credo Growth

Helene Smuts



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Since 2008, I’ve worked across several sectors coaching leaders, developing top-performing teams, and delivering high-impact workshops. After graduating cum laude from the University of South Africa in Industrial Psychology, I began my career in generalist HR and went on to co-found CONTRACT SA after my business partner brought the concept from Germany. After 11 years helping profit, non-profit, and blue-chip organizations across a variety of sectors, I then decided to found Credo Growth to focus on developing high-performing leaders and teams, and we have so far worked across South Africa, Europe, North and South America, and Canada.


  • Advanced New Insight Coach
  • Insight Discovery Licensed Practitioner (personality profiler)
  • Further in-depth training in Transactional Analysis
  • Board Member at Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerator Programme

My facilitation style: Energetic, relevant, honest, positively challenging, highly motivating.

What gets me out of bed in the morning: Movement, a hot yoga session or a long run.

I get a real kick out of: Something that challenges me – laughter, lots and lots of laughter

What I most look forward to when working with a new client: Finding out exactly what they are struggling with and together design a process that we know will be amazing. And then seeing their reaction when their teams are performing. RETURN ON THEIR INVESTMENT.

Outside of work, you’ll find me: Scuba diving, scaling boulders, hiking, trying to surf in Cape Town waters,  playing with my twins, spending time with friends and enjoying amazing red wines, mostly, spending time on our coastal farm diving and enjoying nature.

My dream client: Strong belief that people development is not a side project but a strategic pillar to their business, Eager to learn with their team members, open to new ideas, hungry to elevate their game, has a good coffee shop nearby!

The number one thing I’ve learnt as a facilitator: Dig deeper than the surface even though it’s scary and tough, that is where the growth lies, use curiosity to find the crux of issues, and there is always something that can be done.

Karen is our Guiding Action Accredited Facilitator

Karen van Wyk

 Guiding Action Accredited Facilitator

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I have worked in various industries, however, back in 2012 I discovered a world of unlimited growth by investing in my own emotional intelligence by changing careers and becoming a personal growth Facilitator. I have had the opportunity to run interventions, in the Hospitality, Auto- Motive and Financial industry specialising in Customer Service, Leadership, Team Development and my favourite, Personal Development.  I have subsequently also gained experience in the entertainment industry which taught me to work under pressure and that there is ALWAYS a solution to every problem.


  • Further training in Facilitation and Transactional Analysis
  • Accredited Trainer and Assessor
  • CONTRACT SA Facilitator specialising in Customer Service training and Emotional Intelligence development
  • Completed training and consulting projects in South Africa


My facilitation style: Engaging, challenging, open minded, energetic with a touch of fun.

What gets me out of bed in the morning: Running and this exciting thing that I call LIFE and its opportunities. Waking up and finding that one amazing thing that’s going to happen today.

I get a real kick out of: Engaging with people in debate about various topics where you can walk away a little wiser.

What I most look forward to when working with a new client: That lightbulb moment, when the penny drops, sudden realization, enlightenment or inspiration hits, then everything changes.

Outside of work, you’ll find me: Being creative with food, tasting wine, coffee and cheese, running and exploring nature and discovering the small things in life that matters

My dream client: An individual that is open minded, who know that there is more than one solution to a question or problem, someone who realises that we only use 10% of our minds and that there is still another 90% to discover, develop and grow, which is so exciting.

The number one thing I’ve learnt as a facilitator: Always challenge yourself and ask what you would have done if you were not scared? This basically allows me to do anything and everything I set my mind to

Guiding Action Accredited Facilitator & Coach

Avril Reitz

 Guiding Action Accredited Facilitator & Coach

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I started my career in the Pharmaceutical industry in 2008 but soon discovered that my true passion is helping people to awaken their inner power. After training as a Life Coach, I found that my particular strength is helping clients gain clarity about their present circumstances and future goals. At Credo, my role is to facilitate powerful self-awareness and change, to enable individuals and teams to accomplish their goals.


  • ‘Coaching in the workplace’ Certificate – South African College of Applied Psychology
  • Trained Structural Alignment Coach – Structural Alignment Life Coach Certification & Mastery
  • Nutrition & Health Certificate – Plaskett International College

My coaching style: Empowering, with a Growth mindset, Encouraging, Authentic, Empathic, Enthusiastic

What gets me out of bed in the morning: The eagerness of experiencing growth and learnings.

I get a real kick out of: Amazing connection time with people from vast backgrounds.

What I most look forward to when working with a new client: Becoming acquainted with what makes each client extraordinary.

Outside of work, you’ll find me: Cooking up a storm, watching movies, quality time with loved ones and eating!

My dream client: Someone who is open to change, willing to be vulnerable, able to see the positive, believes growth is a necessary process, reliable, enthusiastic.

The number one thing I’ve learnt as a coach: Setting healthy boundaries is vital in any relationship.

Rebecca is our Guiding Action Accredited Facilitator

Rebecca Stürmer

Enneagram Practitioner & Coach

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Growing up in Australia was fantastic but I always had a desire to see the world so after completing my degree I hopped on a plane to Europe and never looked back.  I have lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Vancouver and have worked mostly in Human Resource positions within the Investment Banking industry.  After meeting my husband we moved to Cape Town where I have lived for the last 12 years, now with 2 children and what seems like a mini zoo in my backyard.  After spending so much time in corporate I appreciated the opportunity to stretch my wings in an entrepreneurial environment and started up my own business in 2009 which I sold 6 years later.  Now, I focus on what I really enjoy: people and creating greater self-awareness to drive personal growth.  At Credo, my role is to use the Enneagram profiling tools and insights to create that self-awareness and challenge individuals and teams to take the steps towards their own greatness.


  • Economics degree – University of Adelaide
  • Enneagram – Integrative Accredited Practitioner (personality profiler and coach)


My coaching style: Enthusiastic, Motivational, Challenging, Direct, Action Focussed

What gets me out of bed in the morning: The animals usually 😊 followed by the need to move. Once my brain is awake the rest of me can’t rest.

I get a real kick out of: Being helpful. Sharing moments, stories and laughter with my favourite people and getting stuff done. I love to tick things off lists.

What I most look forward to when working with a new client: Understanding what people really want out of life and them helping them plot the plan to get them there. Seeing clients experience those ‘aha’ moments is also so rewarding, I just love it.

Outside of work, you’ll find me: Outside. As a family we love camping, hiking, biking, jogging, walking the dog, gardening, you name it…anything that gets us out into the fresh air. I also enjoy eating my husband’s awesome cooking with a glass or two of red wine.

My dream client: is someone who is willing to see and accept all of themselves and move forward. Action orientated. No matter how small the steps, just keep taking them.

The number one thing I’ve learnt as a coach: Everyone moves at different speeds. As long as you are heading in the right direction, movement is movement

Janine is Guiding Action Accredited Facilitator & Coach

Janine Henning

 Guiding Action Accredited Facilitator & Coach

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I was a Medical Representative for 8 years at a top Medical Equipment company. During this time I discovered my passion for helping people and providing them with the best training possible. To improve my abilities I studied Business Coaching and completed a Mindfulness Stress Reduction course. Through coaching, I help clients to understand how they communicate with themselves and therefore understand their habits. They are then able to effectively achieve the goals that are set. Through my sales experience, I am able to assist with the accomplishment of set goals in the workplace. At Credo, I facilitate in providing techniques to clearly communicate and therefore create a more cohesive, effective performing team.


  • Business Coaching, University of Stellenbosch Business School
  • Training and Development Management Certificate, University of Cape Town
  • Mindfulness Certificate, New Skills Academy
  • B.Tech Biomedical Technology, NMMU

My coaching style: Mindfulness, Empowering, Goal Setting, Empathy, Authentic, Motivating

What gets me out of bed in the morning: A good cup of coffee, setting out to accomplish goals set for the day

I get a real kick out of: Spending time with interesting people and having a good laugh, a delicious meal

What I most look forward to when working with a new client: Seeing the potential that they have to accomplish the goals that they set, seeing them amaze themselves

Outside of work, you’ll find me: Cooking, baking or eating, seeking out the next best cup of coffee, getting my dose of yoga in, enjoying the outdoors, reading or listening to a podcast, spending time with family and close friends

My dream client: Someone who is eager to challenge themselves, open to making mistakes and learning from them, believes in personal development, believes vulnerability is a strength

The number one thing I’ve learnt as a coach: Taking care of yourself and your personal development should be your top priority, the positive effect will overflow to other aspects and the relationships in your life

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What our clients have to say

I have known Credo for a long time and have always been aware of their industry knowledge and passion for what they do. This is the second company that I have asked Credo to work on. The previous one was a lost cause and Credo helped us to keep things together than we otherwise might have. I was even more impressed though on this most recent session that they held. It was a session Culture - a very difficult topic. What I found most impressive was their ability to take such an intangible concept with a mixed and not perfectly united group and enable us to get to a point of great clarity and alignment on culture and values as well as actionable next steps for us to take the work further. I would and do highly recommend Credo to other companies like ours.

Rob Heyns | Founder, Steel Cut Spirits and Sugar Bird Gin

We had Helene in to facilitate a workshop for our staff and we have experienced a marked difference in our interactions, and just our general vibe since then. She gave us practical tools we could easily implement to keep up the momentum after the workshop, and each one of us took ownership of certain actions which was a good change. We now easily have feedback sessions, we have started a ‘parking lot’ and we have changed the structure of our weekly meeting. Could not be happier with the outcome!

 Julia Finnis Bedford | Managing Director, Amazing Spaces

During the management development training with Credo Growth, I have seen results within our team beyond my expectations. It has been wonderful to see my managers honing their natural strengths and building new ones and the benefits have filtered through their teams. They have been equipped with an understanding of how their actions and reactions affect their team's performance, how to communicate difficult things effectively and how to better understand the strengths of their team.

 Darian Liprini | Founder, Avanza

I can’t think of a better term to describe Credo than a “difference maker”. Credo has walked a long road with our business and has helped turn the vision of building a truly values-driven organization into a reality. Credo’s energy is infectious with an incredible way with people and has you walking away from every engagement with fresh motivation, new insights and genuine alignment on how, as a team and an individual, you will be better the next day.

 Larsen Lockwood-Hall | CEO, GhostDraft

Credo proved their worth once again, they took very opinionated leaders through a virtual consulting and coaching workshop with great ease. The impact was felt straight away, there were a lot of issues addressed and resolved. A new way of working was formulated,  the leadership is aligned and performing better than ever.

Pieter van Reenen | Co-Founder, We are Monsters 

Credo Facilitators have a way of knowing exactly how to identify issues and gives you the steps to reach your own solutions. Their professional manner, friendly approach and detail orientated sessions create a positive result each time. Thanks to Credo Growth, I have been given the tools to better myself, my business and my staff.

Caroline Bayley-Geldenhuys | Founder, Classic Escapes

With Trust being one of the core values of D-One Smart homes, I was intrigued and interested to learn more.
The webinar was presented professionally. It was high value in a short time. Very clear, direct and to the point. I learnt about the components of what builds trust in relationships, and have tools that I can use in my business immediately. The timing was great for us, as I am working on developing our network as a marketing strategy, through direct engagement. Now I can consciously apply this approach to building trust in our brand, and building a pipeline of sustainable key sales channels.
Thank you Helene, I am glad that I attended.

Darren Swanepoel | Founder, D1Smarthomes


Credo Growth joined us for a webinar on building remote teams during the age of COVID-19 and beyond. The presentation was engaging and interesting, focussed on members of the travel and tourism industry – many of whom are used to working in a bricks and mortar environment. Helene provided practical guidance that teams could implement from the get-go regardless of where they are in terms of their businesses. In these unprecedented times, her calm delivery of advice was reassuring and extremely helpful, providing structure in an otherwise difficult and uncertain time. I would recommend her services highly.

Natalia Rosa | PR and Communications Manager, SATSA


Working with Credo Growth has been instrumental in smoothly transitioning to remote working at the beginning of the lockdown, and in rethinking our processes accordingly. The setup for online collaboration that resulted from the workshops with Credo Growth is extremely well working. The generated framework helped to build more robust and more scalable processes. The results will even significantly benefit the company over the post-lockdown long-term.

Stéphane Rogovsky | CAIA, Founder & CEO, Rsquared

Our full team was privileged enough to do a 2-day workshop with Credo. It superseded all expectations, especially for those that were more apprehensive, gave each of us valuable insight into each other and what makes us tick to achieve. Aside from the content being well constructed for our needs, Credo’s facilitation was fluid and got the absolute best out of all of us, that we have been able to drive this post the experience. I would highly recommend Credo to any company that wants to bring together their team to perpetuate high performance

Julia St Clair | Managing Director, Insight Connection

Credo was fantastic in our women’s day event. They delivered a 2 hour key note talk which was done in a very engaging format. The topic was relevant, to point and it was clear that the audience what challenged in their normal day of thinking about things. The talk was well thought through to ensure the message landed with all the women on our business. It was a high energy, engaging and practical 2 hours that inspired the woman at Nebula.

Danie Nel | Founder and CEO, Nebula

Credo Growth consulted with our leadership team as we were going through a change management process whereby the founding team was giving over operational control to a new CEO. It’s very important to us that our leadership team is a well-oiled machine and no time is spent on miss communication or inefficiencies. Credo proved their worth once again, they took very opinionated leaders through a virtual consulting and coaching workshop with great ease and everybody had an amazing time. The impact was felt straight away, there were a lot of issues addressed and resolved. A new way of working was formulated. The leadership is aligned and performing better than ever. I personally was very happy as we were concerned about the virtual coaching, very well put together, and managed over Zoom. 

 I cannot recommend Credo enough! 

Pieter van  Reenen | Co-Founder, We are Monsters

Helene has a way of knowing exactly how to identify issues and gives you the steps to reach your own solutions. Her professional manner, friendly approach and detail orientated sessions create a positive result each time. Thanks to Credo Growth, I have been given the tools to better myself, my business and my staff.

Caroline Bayly-Geldenhuys | Classic Escapes

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