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What you’ll get


You’ll get specific interventions and processes that are tailored to your team and business objectives following a detailed ‘needs analysis’.


To help your team work through challenges and core issues, we’ll host engaging, interactive sessions that focus on peer-to-peer feedback, enabling each team member to contribute towards solutions.


You’ll be guided through high-impact, practical applications, helping your team take action and ownership, to ensure lasting and sustainable change beyond intervention.

We call it guiding action™


Developing High Performing Teams

If you’re a leader in business, then you’ll know how important it is to develop high performing teams that can grow with your business over the long term. Business is changing at a rapid rate, with technology and generational gaps disrupting the way we work, it’s vital to engage opportunities that focus on keeping your teams empowered, relevant and able to perform at their best.


Personality Profiling

Gaining insights into your team dynamics and work environment has never been more important than it is today. Developing a deeper understanding of self and your people and how they function will form the foundation on which your people strategies are built.

We guarantee that you will walk away refreshed and have learnt more about yourself and your team which will influence who you perform. Insight Discover personality profiling and team insight opportunities here.

Keynote Talks

Our short yet powerful keynote talks are known to be highly effective. Addressing specific topics that are proven to drive company growth. Challenging your team to think differently, awakening a need within them to learn and focus on how they can positively impact their working environment.


Coaching is a trending topic in business today. It provides a host of benefits whilst keeping your company future-ready and relevant to a modern workforce that has an ever-growing expectation of you to consider them on a deeper level. When implemented properly it can incentivise employees, promote social support and drive strategies to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours.

What our clients have to say

I have known Credo for a long time and have always been aware of their industry knowledge and passion for what they do. This is the second company that I have asked Credo to work on. The previous one was a lost cause and Credo helped us to keep things together than we otherwise might have. I was even more impressed though on this most recent session that they held. It was a session Culture - a very difficult topic. What I found most impressive was their ability to take such an intangible concept with a mixed and not perfectly united group and enable us to get to a point of great clarity and alignment on culture and values as well as actionable next steps for us to take the work further. I would and do highly recommend Credo to other companies like ours.

Rob Heyns | Founder, Steel Cut Spirits and Sugar Bird Gin

We had Helene in to facilitate a workshop for our staff and we have experienced a marked difference in our interactions, and just our general vibe since then. She gave us practical tools we could easily implement to keep up the momentum after the workshop, and each one of us took ownership of certain actions which was a good change. We now easily have feedback sessions, we have started a ‘parking lot’ and we have changed the structure of our weekly meeting. Could not be happier with the outcome!

 Julia Finnis Bedford | Managing Director, Amazing Spaces

During the management development training with Credo Growth, I have seen results within our team beyond my expectations. It has been wonderful to see my managers honing their natural strengths and building new ones and the benefits have filtered through their teams. They have been equipped with an understanding of how their actions and reactions affect their team's performance, how to communicate difficult things effectively and how to better understand the strengths of their team.

 Darian Liprini | Founder, Avanza

I can’t think of a better term to describe Credo than a “difference maker”. Credo has walked a long road with our business and has helped turn the vision of building a truly values-driven organization into a reality. Credo’s energy is infectious with an incredible way with people and has you walking away from every engagement with fresh motivation, new insights and genuine alignment on how, as a team and an individual, you will be better the next day.

 Larsen Lockwood-Hall | CEO, GhostDraft

Credo proved their worth once again, they took very opinionated leaders through a virtual consulting and coaching workshop with great ease. The impact was felt straight away, there were a lot of issues addressed and resolved. A new way of working was formulated,  the leadership is aligned and performing better than ever.

Pieter van Reenen | Co-Founder, We are Monsters 

Credo Facilitators has a way of knowing exactly how to identify issues and gives you the steps to reach your own solutions. Their professional manner, friendly approach and detail orientated sessions create a positive result each time. Thanks to Credo Growth, I have been given the tools to better myself, my business and my staff.

Caroline Bayley-Geldenhuys | Founder, Classic Escapes 

With Trust being one of the core values of D-One Smart homes, I was intrigued and interested to learn more.
The webinar was presented professionally. It was high value in a short time. Very clear, direct and to the point. I learnt about the components of what builds trust in relationships, and have tools that I can use in my business immediately. The timing was great for us, as I am working on developing our network as a marketing strategy, through direct engagement. Now I can consciously apply this approach to building trust in our brand, and building a pipeline of sustainable key sales channels.
Thank you Helene, I am glad that I attended.

Darren Swanepoel | Founder, D1Smarthomes


Credo Growth joined us for a webinar on building remote teams during the age of COVID-19 and beyond. The presentation was engaging and interesting, focussed on members of the travel and tourism industry – many of whom are used to working in a bricks and mortar environment. Helene provided practical guidance that teams could implement from the get-go regardless of where they are in terms of their businesses. In these unprecedented times, her calm delivery of advice was reassuring and extremely helpful, providing structure in an otherwise difficult and uncertain time. I would recommend her services highly.

Natalia Rosa | PR and Communications Manager, SATSA


Working with Credo Growth has been instrumental in smoothly transitioning to remote working at the beginning of the lockdown, and in rethinking our processes accordingly. The setup for online collaboration that resulted from the workshops with Credo Growth is extremely well working. The generated framework helped to build more robust and more scalable processes. The results will even significantly benefit the company over the post-lockdown long-term.

Stéphane Rogovsky | CAIA, Founder & CEO, Rsquared

Our full team was privileged enough to do a 2-day workshop with Credo. It superseded all expectations, especially for those that were more apprehensive, gave each of us valuable insight into each other and what makes us tick to achieve. Aside from the content being well constructed for our needs, Credo’s facilitation was fluid and got the absolute best out of all of us, that we have been able to drive this post the experience. I would highly recommend Credo to any company that wants to bring together their team to perpetuate high performance

Julia St Clair | Managing Director, Insight Connection

Credo was fantastic in our women’s day event. They delivered a 2 hour key note talk which was done in a very engaging format. The topic was relevant, to point and it was clear that the audience what challenged in their normal day of thinking about things. The talk was well thought through to ensure the message landed with all the women on our business. It was a high energy, engaging and practical 2 hours that inspired the woman at Nebula.

Danie Nel | Founder and CEO, Nebula



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At Credo we are obsessed with assisting our clients to build teams that thrive in today’s challenging and fast paced world. We’ve seen how effective people can be when working in harmony with their environment and each other, enhancing culture to positively drive engagement, productivity and accountability. Optimising your people will lead to a happier workplace, a stronger brand and ultimately, financial growth.

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